Friday, January 2, 2015

Add a Handle

Do you need to use handles on your Rulers and Templates?
The answer is not necessarily, but you may find the a handle gives you more control and makes it easier to keep the template in position. You may like to use a handle on some templates and not on others.

Add a Handle is simply what the name says - a handle that you can add to any ruler or template for quilting or patchwork.

We make Add a Handle in 3 sizes (2 sizes shown above)

You might like to use the small handle

Or the large handle

When using templates for ruler work I like to hold my templates as shown, My pointer or index finger is placed on the dip in the ruler handle I usually have my thumb and ring finger on the edge of the template and my little finger on he fabric.

The Add a Handle is indentation is only 6mm high, when free motion quilting with rulers it is best to keep your hand relatively flat on the template and quilt, not high and arched.

A packet of 6 Handles 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small is $12.00
A Bulk packet of 12 Small Handles costs is $20.00
A Bulk pack of 12 Large Handles is $30.00

Simply remove the backing paper and place the handle on your template in the position that suits you.

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