Saturday, December 20, 2014

And now for the Rulers and Templates

I have spoken about the Westalee Ruler Foot, now the fun part the rulers and templates.

Using Circles on Quilts for Domestic Machines and a straight ruler.
Each corner of the 1/2" lines was sewn using the ruler in a different position

Circles on Quilts Template for domestic and sit-down machines stitch circles from 2" to 12"
(this is the only locating rotating circle template for stitching concentric circles on a domestic machine)

Most of our template designs are made in 3 mm for Low Shank domestic machines and 4,5 mm for High Shank domestic machines and of course in 6 mm for Long arm Machines.

Designing our Ruler Foot has been a long journey and one of the reasons for that was the necessity to make a ruler foot that worked on as many machines as possible as simply as possible. The testing has been extensive.

Our Ruler Foot does not have any mechanisms to interfere with the use of templates, you can work from all edges of the foot Left - Right - Back and Front this makes its so much more useful.

Long arm quilter's use 6mm rulers and templates, because of the hopping motion of the ruler foot, some machines hop higher that others and 6 mm works well for most long arm quilting machines.

  6 mm  or 1/4"                  4.5 mm or 3/16"         3 mm or 1/8"

6 mm is the thickness used for Long arm  machines because of the height traveled by the hopping foot hopping

When using a Low Shank Machine, you will need to use 3 mm Acrylic Templates. Phaff machines with IDT are low Shank and will require 3 mm templates.
The picture show a Pfaff machine with a 6 mm template that is to close to the Shank and IDT mechanism.

We recommend when using the Westalee Ruler Foot:
4.5mm thick templates on High Shank Machines
3 mm on Low Shank Machines

Please note that the Ruler Foot shown is a prototype

Westalee Design copyright 2008-2014. 

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