Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More about the Ruler Foot

Why is it important to use a 1/2" Ruler Foot?

Circles on Quilts Wreath 3 - repeats 24 times
Templates and Rulers should be designed to be stitched 1/4" from the template edge, the needle is in the centre of a 1/2" round collar.
If the collar is smaller or larger than 1/2" or not round then the pattern you are stitching will not be correct, repeating patterns will not return to the correct position. 

This diagram shows how one of our Circles on Quilts Spinning Wheel designs should look when stitched at 1/4" for the template edge (USING A TRUE 1/2" FOOT). The pattern stitches to fill an
11 1/2" circle. Beginning at the green and ending at the red the pattern completes 8 rotations. 

In this diagram the pattern is stitched using a 9/16" ruler foot and because the foot is larger the pattern stitched out is smaller and therefore the repeating design does not meet to complete the circle, it is also smaller.

When we design our templates we make the stitching line sew at 1/4" from the template edge. Because of the variances in the long arm quilting machines ruler foot, we make our templates machine specific, so if you are ordering remember to check you machine in the drop box.

Why you can't sew with any shape foot.

In this graphic you can see that when the Ruler is against the edge of the template the needle will always be stitching a 1/4" from the template edge. 

This graphic show that when you are using some of the other feet available the needle will not be the same distance from the template as you move around giving you an uneven distance from the template edge.

The more repeats required to complete the design, the more important it is to use the correct sized foot. Our Circles on Quilts Wreath 16 template repeats 16 times.

The pattern at the sides of this blog is stitched using our Curly-q templates.

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